Thursday, March 18, 2010

New sculpt...

So I am having fun with Zbrush and have moved onto another model. I just did a base mesh in Maya, and am about to import it. I will update progress in this post. :\

EDIT: A bit of progress. Flat material, a bit of noise to get the look of stone and some sculpting of the model. I need to add eyes, a bit of detail in the wings and paint it, but I think it is close to being done. Oh yeah, this is intended as a still sculpture for 3d toy printing and is not going to be rigged for animation. That is why he is sitting in pose.

So I needed to tweak some things. The wings needed to be bigger and I wanted some more fat over the back feet, but I think this is working better than the last one. I found a new brush that works really well called "Damian Standard" which gets some nice sharpness to the lines. I am not sure if I like his eyes right now, but I will talk to the original artist before tweaking it again. I added a toy material to it so the detail could be better seen.

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