Wednesday, October 29, 2014

So I was browsing imgur...

... and it hit me.  Why don't I try rendering out my turntable updates to animated gif?  They would loop forever and although the quality is pretty low, the general idea would still come across.  Since I am not to the high detail point with Clara yet, I thought I would give it a try, so here is a test image.

As a quick test, I think it works okay.  I think I might look into webm format because I have heard you can get some good image quality with some fairly small file sizes.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Computer build pt. 2....

So as I mentioned, I just finished my computer build and am loving the results.  To get around the lack of internal and external USB ports I ordered a 5 port usb3 PCIe card, an internal hub and an external 7 port hub which should take care of all my usb needs. Also, since I wanted at least 4 sticks of ram I ordered 2 more 16gb rdimm3s.  I decided to go with the much cheaper 16 gig chips and put the big money into the video card with the thought that the ram would be easier and cheaper to upgrade later when prices drop since I don't anticipate the quadros having a significant price reduction in the near future.

Now that things are working correctly I and I have finished installing the new software, it is time to check out what is new in the latest versions.  Maya 2015 is great, and I am loving viewport2.0, but I am putting together this post today because I got a chance to try out painter x3.

My friend Rose posed for some really quick life drawing sketches (a few 1-2 minutes and two 10 minute) to test out some of painter's pencils and brushes.  I haven't found a set/method that I am completely happy with yet, but I am looking forward to testing out the others in the days to come.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Clara & Bell

So I have more done on Clara and Bell.  When I have had time I have worked a bit more on Clara in Zbrush, as well as starting the robotic arm in Maya.  I also brought Bell into Maya to get a feel for the size relations between the two of them.

My next steps are flushing out all of the folds and pockets in the pants, and working out the anatomy in her arm.  The shirt in the picture is just a temp stand in blob.  I haven't decided what her upper wardrobe is going to look like.