Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bit more...

So since my last post I spent some time on a bit of birthday shenanigans, then the next day I told my friend that I would help him put together a portfolio website for his architecture work.  Since then pretty much all of my free time has gone into helping with that, but I got a couple breaks and did a bit more to Clara.  She now has a boot.  :)

It is pretty much ready to start getting some wear details, thread lines, etc going in, and I haven't decided yet but I am contemplating putting in some design work into the leather work.  It would be fun to sculpt in, but I don't really see the character as someone who would really care about frilly things.  

One crazy little thing, the spur is just a basic maya object that I tried to goZ into Zbrush (like I did with the rest of the boot pieces), but it must have crashed 20-30 times appending it into the file.  I have never had such a hard time getting something into Zbrush.  Might have been faster to just sculpt it.  :\

More as develops. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Clara (and Bell?)

I really liked the character and decided to put a bit more into it.  I will flush her out into a full character.

Named her Clara.  Roughed in braid, roughed in body, added more distinct eyes.

I see her as an older, rough, part cyborg cowgirl (robotic arm).  From another sculpt project I had been modeling a horse base mesh for a Pegasus character and decided to kit bash it into this project so Clara could have a mount, but Maya crashed 3 times last night while I was trying to clean up the wireframes so I took the hint and went back to zbrush.  I really need to update my Maya.  :\

Once I get the loops nicer and make sure all polys are quads, I will drop him into zbrush and have some sculpting fun.  I am thinking of calling him/her Bell and adding a chest mounted speaker so s/he can "talk".

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Working in Zbrush again....

A quick bust sculpt as practice.