Tuesday, February 3, 2015


So I talked to Paul at Pixologic and he said that as of right now there is no current way to do turnarounds with the package, and he is unsure about future deals with Keyshot for making that an option.  They are too busy with the launch to really think about it right now.

No turntables is a bit disappointing, but after playing around in the program, I anticipate fun is to be had no matter what.  This is about 10 minutes fiddling around with importing a pair of boots.

The boots are off of the Clara model I have been working on, just to see what is what.  I haven't textured them, or really added any high res detail yet, this is just basic primary and light secondary shapes.  I added a brown leather material to the boots and changed the color to a lighter brown since stock it is pretty dark, added a black leather material to the soles and an old metal texture to the spurs.
Let it do its thing and... voila.  As a thumbnail, I could see these mistaken for real boots.  Add in texture and detail and I think It will be able to put out some crazy photoreal images.

Zbrush to Keyshot package....

Well, Zbrush 4r7 has finally released and with it came the 4r7 64 bit beta as well as the much anticipated Zbrush to Keyshot package which includes the bridge and a limited version of Keyshot specifically for Zbrush users.  I have been waiting to snatch this up since it was announced months ago, and bought it straight away.

I love the ease of use and the great renders Keyshot provides, but was confused when I went to render out a turntable.  The normal turntable option was nowhere to be found.  It seems that one of the limitations on the Keyshot for Zbrush package is a lack of rendering turntables native in Keyshot.  Since (I believe) this is mainly marketed to artists in the entertainment industry (and even artists who deal in jewelry) I find this to be a major flaw in the package.

I have heard rumors that it is still possible to set up the turntable in Zbrush and THEN render it through KS, but I have not yet tried it so I can't say one way or the other.  I will do some research, tests and re-edit this post if possible.