Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back to Chibi...

A bit of progress shows Chibi Juggs closer to animation stage. I am almost ready to do normal map texture, but I still need to offset the eye holes in the mask for asymmetry. I am going to be dropping a quick rig in him to see where I need to fix things in the model first though. I also want to redo the eyes so the pupils are more to the scale of the painting.

EDIT: So I got the asymmetry in the mask and think that he is pretty much done. A little cleanup and a quick work on the UVs and I am going to stick a rig in the bad boy for some tests. Then off he goes in to Zbrush. I am going to look at the painting again, but I think the pec plates might be a little small.

EDIT EDIT: Helmet is in Zbrush and I starting to add damage and sharpen the forms. I am going to just keep overwriting this image for new details. Man, it has been so long since I have listened to the Manhattan Transfer. Fun fun!

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