Thursday, March 18, 2010


So I think this is a far as I will go with this one. For my first Zbrush model, it is nothing special, but I think it will work for my idea. Time to get it back into Maya for a stone texture and some dynamic fluid goodness.

... and yes... it does kinda look like a happy cow.

EDIT: So after spending 15-20 min painting a base noise texture on the model, I noticed a tutorial on Pixologic's site called "Noise". So apparently there is a noise feature built in... that you can layer... nice. :)

Oh yeah, I am also adding a screencap of the scene I am going to be testing fluids in. The gargoyles in it currently are going to be non renderable objects for more accurate fluid dynamics. I am deciding between modeling a background or just making a matte painting.

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