Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Reworking an old sketch #2...

So here is another old model that I started playing with to clean up, and quickly changed it to an illustration style sculpture.  My current idea is going to be the last dodo standing on the nose of a t-rex skull, surrounded by saber tooth cats.

And a quick update... Added some more environment elements (rocks, spine, teeth).  I am really liking the ease of GoZ and how it allows me to quickly take one element in zbrush into Maya and model other elements that would be done faster polymodeling.  Below is an image of the skull and jaw brought into Maya to model and place the teeth, then exported/imported in zbrush and dropped in place.

I need to move the bird to the nose and really rework the character for more appeal, add in some plant life and the cat creatures as a story element.  

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