Sunday, April 28, 2013


So I fiddled around with the base mesh for a while before realizing that using GoZ to import the maya model into Zbrush does things that I don't want, and after trying to fix it a number of times I decided that from now on I will just export an obj and import it the normal way.  It seems to have less complications.

I redid the base mesh, brought it into zbrush and re-sculpted everything for a much cleaner model.  I liked the depth of the old model a bit better, so I am going to add a bit more marks, then a dirt map, then on to the other objects but here it is 7:30 in the morning and I have yet to sleep again.  I think time for a nap.  Later today I might be heading out for some archery practice, and shooting arrows while drowsy might not be the best idea.  :)

UPDATE:  After some much needed sleep, I brought in the skulls from the first version of the model and started adding the ropes to the scene.  Ropes are a bit fun and a bit aggravating.

UPDATE Again...  
Ropes in place. 

And yet another WIP...
Fixed the lighting to a 3 point, started basecoloring the tools, added noise, kept pushing details.

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