Friday, April 26, 2013

Environmental / Prop Sculpture...

Seeing a job posting on Blizzard's website made me realize how little environment / prop modeling I have to show on my site, so I sculpted a quick skull to start an assets library.  I will clean it up at a later date if I am going to use it for anything high res, but for what I have in mind I really don't need it high poly.

Now the concept piece I have is Banderlog's work, but I wanted something fun to model and I like his style. I have blocked out the shapes, and am ready to start working the details.  After that, I am really excited to use zbrush to create some cool rope in the scene.  

UPDATE:  Couldn't sleep, so I went back to work.  Textured and base painted the post.  I am excited about getting the rope in there... seems like it could be a nice learning experience.  

6:30am and a crash?  Time to try for a little sleep.  Ug.

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