Thursday, July 23, 2015

Well, it has been a pretty hard summer...

     A few months ago I got word that my childhood friend, Brian, had passed while doing some night skiing on New Years Eve.  That was hard for me, especially since I found out about it two days before his memorial service.

     About two weeks ago, my oldest and closest friend, Nathan, passed away from a seizure while getting ready for work.  While seizures were a big part of his life as long as I had known Nathan, it still came as quite a shock when I got the call from his mother.

     I will post more about it when it comes time for the memorial.

     I have been keeping myself busy so I don't think about things and as such, I have pretty much finished the oil crayon piece I was working on.

     I still need to look over it one more time, sign it and frame it, but there it is.

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