Friday, January 1, 2016

Looking back at 2015...

Happy new year all... This is a post.

Looking back at 2015 is not easy for me.  What started out as a year I approached with resolve, optimism and hope broke down to near crippling depression due to some unexpected and rather tragic loss and for a while I have to admit that it beat me.  I had grown apart from my childhood friend Brian over the years but his accidental death (skiing accident) still shook me when I found out about it.  So closely followed by my best friend of 20 years Nathan's death as he was getting ready for work broke me.

While I will still remember both friends fondly, I cannot allow the sorrow of their deaths to control my life any longer.  I am showing a bit of my sketchbook work from the last year, when I had the gumption to go out and draw.

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