Saturday, August 30, 2008

I just thought that I should post a bit of progress.

The dark gray is blocked but untouched, the light gray is pretty much done, UVed with a RM subdiv scheme on it.

Now for a wireframe! :)

As this is modeling practice, I didn't really want to let displacement do any of the work, so there is a whole lot of faces to this thing. I think I am over 15k for the whole thing. After it's done I might remake it as a low poly and see if I can finally get normal mapping working in Renderman.

Ben Beach would know.

One last thing. She is not up to where I am wanting to show her yet, but I am also working on a character that I will be posting soon.

Yay for updates!

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DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Nice Gun Model. I do a fair bit of that at work as well. Im primarily an Animator thhough.
Nice Blog dude.